Whether you are new to our website or a returning friend, we encourage you to connect with us at East Gate Christian Center.  We invite you to worship God with us on Sunday mornings and draw closer to God through our adult bible studies on Wednesday evenings.  If there is a need in your life, we want to pray with you!  If you need fellowship and understanding - you will find us compassionate and supportive. We love God and we love you!

Pastor Steve and Linnea Barr

Pastor Steve has been a Pastor in this community and surrounding area for over 30 years.  Pastor Steve and his wife, Linnea, live in Freeport and have raised their six children here.  Pastor Steve is faithfully, and lovingly involved in the spiritual welfare of the people and families of this area and Linnea is part of the Worship Team and joyously sings of her passion for Jesus.

 Sermon of the Week:

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Please enjoy the sermons that are available to you on the sermon page.  Our prayer is that they bless you and draw you to the loving heart of God!  If you would like to partner with our ministries financially, we welcome your generosity!

Life In The Holy Spirit!

April 12 - May 24
Eastgate Christian Center
  • April 12 - "Who is Holy Spirit?"
  • April 19 - "Holy Spirit Power"
  • April 26 - "Holy Spirit Lifestyle" (With                  Annie McCaffery Leading)
  • May 3 - "Holy Spirit Gifts"
  • May 10 - "Holy Spirit Gifts" (Cont.)
  • May 17 - "Living In The                                         Supernatural" 

 Our Vision

   "To reach the city of Freeport, this region, and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ - through personal and corporate evangelism, discipleship and mission. To train and equip the people God gives us in unity, in the faith, and in Holy Spirit power. To recognize the uniqueness of one under with Christ as the head. Developing relationships locally, regionally, and internationally with like-minded ministries for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth according to Mathew 28:18-20."

Take My Hand Ministry

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Church Activities... 

Worship Service: Sundays 9:30 am

We have toddler nursery 18 month to 3 years old. The older children worship with their parents and ages 4-8 are dismissed during the offering for children's church.

Wednesdays offer:

Revive Youth Ministries at 6:30 pm in the auditorium

for Senior & Junior High.

Adult Bible Study at 6:00 pm in the conference room.

Adult Discipleship Group at 6:00 pm.

Kids ages 4-8 at 6:00 pm in the children's room.

Kids ages 9-11 at 6:00 pm in classroom A.


In Focus-In The Furnace: Intercessory Prayer at 6:00 pm.

 Come join us for

Night of Worship


Guest worship leader

Ann McCaffrey

 April 26 at 6:30 pm


East Gate Christian Center

April 27, 2015 

at 6:30 p.m

Eastgate Is Hosting


Annie McCaffery